Common Questions About Renting A House Answered

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Common Questions About Renting A House Answered

10 July 2015
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There are an entire host of problems that you may encounter while living in an apartment. From cramped living conditions to troublesome neighbors, apartment living can be frustrating for many people. For those that are not currently in a position to buy their own homes, the best option may be to rent a house. However, if you have never lived in a rental house, the following couple of answers for common rental questions should help you to be a more informed consumer when you are looking for a place to live.  

How Much Upkeep Do You Need To Do For The Rental House?

Many people assume that they will be responsible for maintaining the house while they are occupying it. While it is true that there will be some maintenance tasks that you will need to do, these are minor. Most of the responsibility for maintaining the home will fall on the owner, and your responsibility should be clearly outlined in the lease. 

In most cases, you will only be responsible for basic tasks such as cleaning and mowing the grass. These responsibilities may seem minor, but it is critical for you to do them because failure to meet your maintenance obligations can be grounds for eviction or fines. Therefore, you will need to carefully review any lease to make sure that maintenance required is not too much for you to comfortably handle. 

What Should You Do About Storm Damage To The Property?

When strong storms strike your rental home, there is always a chance that there will be damage to either the home itself or the surrounding yard. While it is true that repairing this damage will be the responsibility of the property owner, it is critical for you to report any issues as soon as they arrive. In most cases, your landlord will quickly schedule repairs, but if the storms damaged many homes in the area, it can take several days to get a contractor to the property. 

Some individuals may attempt to clean up and repair this damage without first alerting the landlord, but this can prove to be a troublesome decision. If you are injured while doing this work, you may have no legal recourse to recover damages for your injuries. Also, if these repairs are not done correctly, your landlord may hold you responsible for the costs of correcting the damage, and when there is no recorded complaint of storm damage, there may be little you can do to fight this. 

Renting a home is an excellent way of finding a place to live that offers you space and privacy. However, renting these units is very different from renting an apartment, and it is important for you to understand what this will entail. By knowing your maintenance obligations and the importance of reporting storm damage, you will be better able to anticipate some of the issues that you may encounter while renting a home. For more information, talk to a company like Sunworld Group Inc. that regularly rents homes.

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