What Constitutes "Good Bones" In Luxury Apartment Real Estate?

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What Constitutes "Good Bones" In Luxury Apartment Real Estate?

27 January 2017
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When shopping for a luxury apartment, you're likely to be bombarded with different people's ideas about what you should look for. What are the most important features in a high-end home? Is it amenities? A plum address? A great deal? It can be hard to know all the nuances, but you're sure to do well if you focus on the basics: "good bones" in the apartment.

What are these "good bones"? Here are 6 basic elements.

Height. "Height" in this context doesn't mean the floor your apartment is on. It refers to the inside height of ceilings. Look for a place with higher ceilings -- as tall as 14 feet -- to ensure a home that looks and feels spacious and airy.

Light. High ceilings will help another important aspect: light. There should be plenty of natural lighting coming from windows and skylights. Windows should be large and modern with good insulation and a decent view, and they should receive regular sunlight throughout the day.

Good Layout. When walking around the apartment, you don't want to be challenged by awkward angles, long hallways, strangely-placed columns, or rooms that don't seem in the right place. Public and entertainment spaces should be easily accessible and shouldn't involve entering private spaces of the home. When possible, look for an open floor plan so that you can adjust it to your own needs.

Timelessness. Classic architecture means a home that won't age quickly and feel outdated soon. Avoid quirky designs and faddish features; instead, look for a solid structure, quality materials, and signs of regular maintenance. Think about how some past architectural styles haven't aged well (remember the "conversation pits" of mid-century modern design?) when choosing a look that will last.

Storage. It may not seem like it right now, but you will likely need more storage than you expect over the years. It can be hard to find lots of storage in a big city apartment, but look for spaces that can be utilized as well as ones that may be able to benefit from custom conversions. Ask about additional storage options in the building, as well.

Reputation. Finally, part of the "good bones" of any apartment building is the reputation of the building itself. Research online comments about the building, its management, and its ownership. Talk to building residents. Try to suss out how much of the building is owner-occupied… and therefore more likely to be quality neighbors. Read association meeting minutes to determine what the residents are concerned about. Talk with your real estate agent about the location, too. Is it up-and-coming? Are other buildings being added and renovated? Or, is it going downhill?

By focusing on these key features first when you and your real estate agent are home shopping, you'll be able to objectively assess what luxury homes fit your own needs and personality. And the result will be a place you'll love to love for years to come. For more information, contact a local real estate company.

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