how much of a mortgage can you afford?

There are some mathematical formulas that can be used to help you determine how much of a mortgage you can qualify for and actually afford. Click here.

Buying A New Car As A Real Estate Agent? Here Are Some Details To Think About

10 January 2018
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For real estate agents, the vehicle that they own can be just as important as having a cellphone and business cards. A busy agent may spend several hours each week driving clients around to see houses for sale, so it's important for the agent's car to be clean and run well. If you've decided that it's time to buy a new car — possibly because you're getting more successful and feel that you need to upgrade your vehicle — there are several important details that you should know. Read More …

3 Important Attributes To Look For In A Home You Plan To Use For A Home-Based Bakery

18 December 2017
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Shopping for a house is a trying endeavor. You have a list of things you must have and possibly an idea of what you can live without. However, if your new home will also double as your home-based bakery business, your shopping process can get even more complicated.  You need a place for you and your family to dwell, but you also need a functional place to run your business operation from your home. Read More …

You Need Help: Understanding The Need For A Real Estate Agent

21 November 2017
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A lot of people nowadays assume that they can go it alone when it comes to selling their home. The reason that they know their home and their neighborhood better than any real estate agent would, and they think they'll be saving money on commissions to boot. While selling your home may appear to be simple, it is likely far more complicated and troublesome than you think, and having a good realtor on board only makes it look easy. Read More …

How To Complete The Final Walkthrough When Buying A House

10 November 2017
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There are a lot of different steps you must take and complete when buying a house, and one of the last steps you will perform before closing is completing a final walkthrough of the house. A final walkthrough gives you one last chance to make sure you want to go through with the deal, and here are several tips to help you get the most of your final walkthrough: Understand the Purpose of It Read More …

4 Reasons To Rely On Real Estate Companies For Finding A Rental Property

10 October 2017
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One of the best ways to live may rest in renting a home or apartment for you to enjoy each day. There are numerous advantages of being a tenant, and one of these includes having fewer living expenses. The key to making the right rental choice may rest in working closely with a professional to assist you. Being aware of top reasons to hire a real estate company may be the motivation you need to get started on this task. Read More …

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how much of a mortgage can you afford?

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