how much of a mortgage can you afford?

There are some mathematical formulas that can be used to help you determine how much of a mortgage you can qualify for and actually afford. Click here.

What Can You Do To Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal In Ontario In Winter?

10 March 2016
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Ontario winters can present a challenge for home sellers. With the yard covered in snow and the sky generally overcast, many homeowners struggle to make their home more attractive to home buyers. The following tips will help you boost your home's curb appeal when your house goes up for sale and can even help speed up the home-selling process. Keep Your Walkways Clear One subtle way that you can boost curb your home's curb appeal is to make it more accessible to visitors. Read More …

3 Reasons To Hire A Property Management Firm To Manage The Few Rental Properties You Own

12 January 2016
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If you own only a few rental properties and are having trouble keeping them rented, you might want to consider hiring a property management firm to manage the units for you. Hiring a property management company will cost money; however, it could help you make more money in the long run. Here are three reasons property management firms are often better at keeping units occupied. They Know The Ins And Outs Read More …

Four Tips For First Time Home Buyers

29 July 2015
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First time home buyers are bound to make a few mistakes during their home search. If you are in the market for a new home, you probably have lots of questions and aren't sure if you are making the right decisions. Here are four things to keep in mind when looking to buy your first home. 1. Have Realistic Expectations It is important to remember that your first home purchase is often considered your starter home. Read More …

3 Keys To Buying A New Home

16 July 2015
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When it comes to closing on your first real estate property, there are a number of steps and pieces of advice that you must keep in mind. These tips will help you make the right decisions for your home, spending your money wisely and getting the household that you will appreciate for years to come. With this in mind, follow these three points below to get you the home of your dreams. Read More …

4 Mistakes To Avoid When Selling Your Home

15 July 2015
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If you are like many Americans, there is a good chance that your home is one of your largest investments. When you decide to sell, you probably want to make the biggest profit possible, and have the transaction go through without problems. Selling a home can be a complicated process, and a successful sale requires a lot more than just listing the house for sale. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, avoid the following mistakes that many sellers make: Read More …

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how much of a mortgage can you afford?

I have saved up for a down payment on a house for the last ten years. Each week, I would take 10% of my paycheck and put it in a special savings account that I could not access. Once I finally had enough money put away, I began looking for houses in the area that I could afford. But, what could I really afford? How much of a mortgage could I qualify for? There are some mathematical formulas that can be used to help you determine how much of a mortgage you can qualify for and actually afford. My blog will teach you how to make this determination.